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A $1 investment in UX design yields a $100 return. That's a return on investment of 9900 percent.

User Experience design is a vast, multidisciplinary field that incorporates aspects of psychology, business, market research, design, and technology. Webpoint Solutions develops applications that drives user happiness, engagements, adoption and retention.

Our UX process


We’ll focus on understanding the users, their pain points and opinion. This is where we’ll dig to find the problems.


After we get data from the user research and stakeholders we’ll analyze and define the problems, business goals, user goals. We’ll also do competitor analysis.


Once everything is defined and analysed it’s time to ideate. We’ll start from information architecture, user flow / task flow then move to wireframing. This will be constantly iterated till all relevant parties agree on a common direction.


Next, we’ll jump into User interface design starting with a low-fidelity prototype. Upon approval, we move to high-fidelity prototype for testing.


The prototype will now be tested among a selected audience to judge its viability. The design will be reiterated till it satisfies the usability requirement of the selected audience and the target audience in general.

Empathy Map

During the UX process, developing a sense of empathy towards the users will help us understand their problem, pain point, feelings and goals. A good solution is always common for both beginner and experts.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is all about grouping related content that make sense to the users. Good information architecture can help the users find their way through the information, and ignore irrelevant content.


Prototypes help visualize the solution and its efficiency by mapping consumer interaction and flow. With high fidelity prototype and usability testing, development cycle can start with a clear roadmap uninterrupted by requirement changes.

Usability testing

The usability testing is very important phase of design process. This is the only phase where we can examine how our solution will carry out by the users at some point. After we got some feedback from the users and will redo some phases and make iteration as many as possible until we get the desired solution from the users.

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